I’m the vision birthing doula, stirring vision within, to bring forth genius, birthing your dreams. I’m a mother of three, author, motivational speaker, trainer, coach, business owner, and minister. I have ministries for children/youth. women, family & community. I’m world travelled with the group up with people, my business, and ministry, spreading love & unity to victory, inspiring, motivating, evoking change for the kingdom is my song. I’m in partnership with Les Brown, certified with the Les Brown institute and a Christian life coach.

I’ve experienced life’s joys and pains, victories and defeats, and because I connected with the fearfully and wonderfully made in me, I never gave up but found the strength to persevere, fight, to get up, in down times, rising to win again. Birthing new life, or resurrecting that once thought dead is what I do through the giftings given me and educational training to help others live again or begin to live and dream for destiny.

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