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The Educators4Life, “A WINNING WORLD” Radio show with Executive Producer/Host SHERMANDA, is here to inspire, motivate, encourage, and bring Hope, Life, and LOVE. We talk, laugh, cry, sing, celebrate, and rejoice together about our Total Life Health Transformation to winning no matter what has come and comes our way. We share testimonies and stories of people from around the world who have chosen to live life triumphantly on purpose overcoming adversities. If you have a story and would like to be considered for the show in sharing connect with us below.

Triumphant Living by Choice

A Winning World has been created to highlight lives in the world that are overcomes of life’s circumstances with winning triumphant testimonies.

I’m Shermanda Ramsay and I would like to introduce myself with the below video.  I have a story to share of winning, through trials and circumstances, triumphantly.  I would like to be considered as a resource for speaking engagements and/or training’s. 

A Winning World Anthology Tiers

A Winning World mission is to assist the world with transformational mindsets, to live a winning lifestyle by connecting champions, and birthing life by igniting HOPE TO BIRTH DREAMS Worldwide.

This world is full of negativity and the media plays a part in keeping the world in fear, divided, depressed, and hopeless.  A Winning World desires to be the beckon of positivity and LIGHT in which the world can see and acknowledge, A WINNING WORLD will forever overshadow the darkness associated with loosing.

A WINNING WORLD is starting with an anthology. A collective work of stories from authors and aspiring authors, from all walks of life around the world. Too often we move from country to country, city to city, and home to home, searching to be free and to find success, not realizing we already have all we need within.  If there has not been a transformational experience within the mind, you will forever search, long, and wander.

This anthology will be one of the many resources, services, and contents designed to champion forth A WINNING WORLD in the lives of people right where they are by helping them connect with their own power within.

I’m Shermanda.

Daughter, Mother, Sister, Educator, Author, Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, The Creative Dominator, The Vision Birthing Doula, Singer, Minister, …. and though hit by life’s circumstances, I’m yet standing tall inside myself, Winning in A WINNING WORLD and I want you to sound aloud, despite all you may have been through, that you too are Winning in A WINNING WORLD!

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