We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Teaching begins at home with parents and then proceeds out to our family members who are involved, school teachers, pastors and community. Being an educator is not predicated on having a degree or one who has achieved an advanced degree in their field. Parents and leaders who who may have never made it through high school or to college play the greatest role in the educating the child(ren). Respect is due to all, playing an active role, and respect is earned in that role based on the heart of giving. We need each other to effectively impact the lives of our students for greatness. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding will come from communication and dialog opportunities presented throughout the year. Educators4Life is passionate about life learners/educators uniting to work and achieve production, promotion, and promises of great futures for our children, our communities, and ultimately, our country. We desire to bring this enthusiasm to the family, to the schools, to the community, breathing life as Educators4Life into our world.

Building A Community Of Life Long Learners. Petitioning To Get The Bible Back In Schools On The Ballot.

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Book Club Connection Information and Books We Are Using In Our Discussions From Our Book Collection plus others to be confirmed.

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We provide support to our teachers, students, parents, and community through instructional courses, training’s, projects, and community engagement, that will aide in the success for all.

The Environment is set starting in the mind and so equipped to shift the atmosphere where ever we may be.

From the home, to our schools, to the department of education, to the market place,…. we want Educators4Life to be a connecting point for positive change and unity.