Hi, I’m Shermanda, and working to get the Bible Back In Our Schools on the ballet, is my mission. This isn’t to impose our views on others, but to return the foundation On that which truly has made America Great, and any other nation in heart or land, and that is standing believing in the name of JESUS and the POWER that comes from that Belief. This nation hasn’t been perfect, but with God we have stood the test of times. By returning to that in which we were founded, we insure that our future will remain to Be secure and great.

Here Congressman John Rutherford and his assistant, stands with Educators4Life and show their support by signing our petition. With enough petitions signed by registered voters, we can see this agenda on the election ballot to give the people a choice on what they want to see happen in our school system as it relates to Biblical foundation of Jesus Christ and Our children and Our educators.

I am not only a mom and minister, by a woman in business and of the business world, speaking teaching, coaching, training (corporately and Individually, small and big business alike), I am an AMERICAN activist for a return to a biblical foundation for this land, for children and women, for love, unity, and change in our society.

I don’t know who made the statement, “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything,” but it is true. Our children and this generation are suffering because everything goes. Every land has a foundation and a nation wavering in their foundation and belief will be tossed to and fro and surely fall.

Unite with us, share your views, let’s talk and unite at:

Email: [email protected]

Web: https://educators4life.com/f/parents-stay-involved-in-your-students-education

Tele#: 1-800-708-3543

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