In this course, you will discover new ways to enrich your life and achieve your dreams.

Not only is this an incredible program for you personally but equally for your entire team to help them to truly achieve success and greatness.

“Behind every principle” is a promise and these 9 principles are invaluable to anyone who is alive today. This teaching can be presented as a Keynote or a full day teaching course.

  1. Each of us can achieve far beyond our horizons in avenues of life we have never explored
  2. Each of us has some basic goodness, which is the foundation for the greatness we can ultimately achieve
  3. Each of us must take responsibility for our actions, our well-being and the attainment of our maximum potential
  4. Self-awareness, self-approval, and self-commitment are necessary for self-fulfillment
  5. Building and maintaining relationships are critical to social development, both in the family and the community
  6. Mutual respect is the fundamental element of human relations
  7. We heighten our own lives when we help other heighten theirs
  8. Planning, measuring and executing are critical tools in the manifestation of our beliefs
  9. Each of us must model integrity in the making and keeping of our commitments